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AAA Key Milestones

  • The Australasian Association of Ayurveda Inc is a non-profit organisation governed by its constitution.
  • The AAA was first registered in South Australia on 9th February 1988 under the Association Incorporation Act 1985.
  • In March 1994 the AAA was included in the Schedule 1 of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
  • In October 1997 the AAA was registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as a National Organisation.
  • In October 1999 the AAA was represented by Dr. Krishna Kumar as the President of the Association in the National Industry Reference Group (IRG) in matters of Ayurveda under the leadership of Mr. Leigh Blashki which led to the national uniform standard of education of complementary and alternative medicine resulting in the National Health Training Package HLT02 under the administration of the National Training Authority (ANTA) working with the Community Services & Health (CS&H).
  • In July 2000 upon representation by the AAA to the Minister of Health and Ageing, the Hon. Dr. Michael Wooldridge, the AAA succeeded in getting Ayurvedic medicine recognised as a bona fide system of health care and received GST free status for services by the professionally qualified members of the Association.
  • In 2005 when the time came for the review of the National Health Training Package the AAA collaborated with the Community Services and Health (CS&H) in matters of Ayurveda that resulted in the endorsement of the HLT07.
  • Since 1997 AAA has been an active member of the Federation of Natural and Traditional Therapists (FNTT).
  • Since July 2007 the AAA has participated in consultations/discussions at Consultation Forums for Private Health Insurance ; Proposal for Quality Assurance Requirements for Privately Insured ServiceĀ  As a result since July 2009 accreditation rules have been introduced by the Commonwealth of Australia regarding new accreditation requirements for providers of health services covered by the private health insurers.
  • In April 2009 the AAA was audited by Benchmark Certification, Health Division Australia, on behalf of Medibank Private with a very pleasing result.