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Ancient wisdom for the modern world

We live in a fast world where we expect everything to be available the very moment we desire it.” To wait is to waste. Our days have turned into numbers on the scales of time, money, weight, calorie, efficiency, percentages, statistics and so on. We count everything including the number of steps and winks to assess our physical fitness. Somewhere between all these numbers, we have forgotten happiness and peace of mind, which cannot be measured. Indian Sages have said, “Desire is the root of all suffering”, so when insatiable desire for more and more is out of control, our suffering is prolonged.

There has never been a leap in human nature as the one that occurred in the last century. One has to understand that the transformation that took place was essentially and only technical. There was no evolutionary change in the human body. Thus, it becomes all the more important that we understand our problems are basically due to this paradigm shift. Our lifestyle, food, thinking and behaviour are wrongly being forced to match the speed of technical advancement in our world. We want super, fast food but the digestive system hasn’t changed, we want night life but the biological clock of the body hasn’t changed, and the list of such abuse is never ending. To give a contemporary analogy, we are trying to run 4G network on a GSM mobile set. Thus, we have landed in 21st century problems, which are essentially due to EXCESS OF / LACK OF/ ABUSE OF food, thoughts and activities. They are often too much or too less or improperly managed. Stress, anxiety, depression, weight management issues, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, food intolerances and allergies, which are very common these days, can all be linked to the above mentioned phenomenon.

The solution to these problems lies in understanding the root cause and solving it. When the root cause is shifting away from natural ways, the obvious solution is getting back to nature. ‘Ayurveda’ as the name suggests, is the VEDA-Science of AYU-Life. Ayurveda, for over 5000 years, has been there at every turning point of human development and has helped mankind to solve health related issues developing from each advancements, right from shifting to cooked food from the raw food.  It not only helps to cure disease, but is the first science in the world which had the intention to promote health and prevent diseases. It elaborates extensively on regimens of the day, night, season, year, food, activities, thoughts and lifestyle, that there could not be a better manual to solve the present day issues. Ayurveda believes that we are composed of the very nature we live in. It uses every natural thing in the world—herbs, stones, minerals, animal, bird and insect products, with the required purification procedures and formulations, to treat ailments in a systematic and holistic manner. It identifies that we are not just our physical body, but also have a psychological and spiritual existence and thus it includes every possible way to address issues relating to the same. They may be in the form of spoken words, material, activities, performances, music, dance, yoga, physical therapies or medicines. It is a time tested, definitive science which treats people as people and not objects. Thus with its principles and practices, Ayurveda can lead us to better health and harmony from every problem of the current world.