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  • Dr Ratnapriya Shrivastava

    Dr Ratnapriya Shrivastava is a founder of Ayurvedic Medical Centre. She is one of the best consultant in Australia and practicing Ayurveda in Sydney at two locations in Parramatta and Homebush West. She rose up learning Ayurveda at home from her Aunt, who is a renowned Ayurvedic specialist. Her aunt helped her gaining knowledge about Pulse diagnosis, tongue analysis, doshas and herbal formulations. Dr Ratnapriya has completed 5.5 years fulltime degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in India. She is a certified weight loss consultant in Australia.

  • Dr Santosh Yadav

    The Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Clinic (AYWC) is an ayurvedic centre for wellbeing promoting the practice of ayurveda in Australia. AYWC was established in 2007. AYWC is based in Melbourne and offers a comprehensive range of Ayurvedic health care services including, Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic treatment, massages, yoga and meditation. Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural medicine with its roots in India. This system takes a holistic approach to treating diseases and health conditions, and considers the patient’s physical and mental state in recommending a treatment regime. It is a completely natural system of medicine and hence has no side effects or complications. With the rise in lifestyle and chronic diseases amongst the population, AYWC provides complete lifestyle consultations and treatments that address the root cause of the disease or health condition, and not just treat the symptoms alone. The holistic treatment regime provided is gentle, safe and completely natural.

  • Dr. Renu Bala

    Ayurvedic and panchkarma practitioner Renu has over 7 years of experience in the ancient therapy of India AYURVEDA.

  • Dr Pooja Saini

    Ayurvedic Expert in Females Problems and Mental Illnesses

  • Dr Neeraj Thakur

  • Scott Allan

    Ayurvedic Practitioner Advanced Diploma Ayurveda, Cert 4 Ayurveda, Diploma Western Herbal Medicine

  • Raman Das Mahatyagi

    Raman Das Mahatyagi is the principal Ayurvedic Vaidya (practitioner) at our Sydney, Australia based holistic centre. He has a degree in Ayurvedic medicine, Bachelor of Science (Biology) and Diploma of Yoga (India). Opening in January 2000 in Gordon, Sydney, Raman Das has helped over 4000 people improve their health through the great healing powers of Ayurveda and Yoga.

  • Dr Vishal Sharma

    Dr Vishal Sharma is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor practicing in Sydney NSW for the past 6 years. He grew up very close to the nature in the top ranges of Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh) in India. By living close to nature, his curiosity was drawn to understand the magical healing and nourishing power of Ayurveda. Later, he decided to study Ayurveda and opt ancient wisdom of prevention and healing as a carrier.

  • Dr Neha Rana

  • Gita Kavar

    Gita Kavar is a life-long believer in the benefits of Ayurveda having been raised in a practicing family which informed her approach to health and food throughout her life.  

  • Meredith Russell

    Meredith Russell is a registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, graduating from Equals International with a  Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda and Cert. IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation. She is also a registered Yoga Teacher with a Diploma of Yoga Teaching Y.T.I.S.A. and Yoga Teaching certification from Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala, with over 30 years of experience as a yoga practitioner incorporating healthy lifestyle advice to restore health and wellbeing. Meredith’s academic background is in Creative Arts and Community Education; her Masters in Visual Art thesis investigated the use of Sacred Space in Classical Indian Dance and Art. She passionately combines the richness of these creative experiences in her consultations.

  • Dr Rekha Gupta

    Dr. Rekha Gupta was born in Delhi, India. She developed an early interest in medicine which led her to study B.A.M.S. (Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree, from M.S.M institute of Ayurveda, Khanpur Sonipat in India.