Florence Biancardi

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Florbia Ayurveda & Massage
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32, Yeend Street
New South Wales
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Sri Vajera Foundation, Brahma Vidya School by renowned Swami Narayanananda Ayurved Saraswati • Florianopolis, SC, Brazil | Uberlandia, MG, Brazil 2004 — 2006 Kerala Ayurved Chikitsalayam Panchakarma, Ayurvedic phytotherapy treatment theory, and practical training - Navi Peth, Pune - 411030 Maharashtra State, India 2014 Apart from many other approaches, the Ayurvedic consultations with Florence are the most traditional way possible: Observation (Darshan): The practitioner first evaluates general physical health by looking at the patient and observing his/her movements, body contour, color of the skin and eyes, facial lines and ridges, shape of the nose, and qualities of the lips, hair, and nails. Touch (Sparsha): The practitioner then employs touch, including palpation (pressing down on parts of the body, called sparshanam in Ayurveda), and percussion or tapping (akotana). There is special focus on the patient's pulse, tongue, nails, and speech. Questions (Prashna): The practitioner asks the patient about complaints and symptoms, as well as the duration of discomfort and disease progression. The practitioner also inquires about mental and psychological conditions. SHAMANA THERAPY SHODHANA THERAPY Panchakarma programs


Florence is a highly qualified Physiotherapist (2002, Brazil) , specialist in Postural Reeducation (2004), Ayurvedic (2006) as well as Nutritional Therapist (2015, Australia). Physio trained in Brazil, Florence uses her specialised RPG® knowledge combined with many years of experience in dance and Iyengar Yoga to have a better understanding of Body Posture. The holistic approach can involve Cranio Sacral Therapy (that treats mental stress, migraines, TMJ Syndrome, chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia reinvigorating movement of cerebrospinal fluid) applied to a range of massage styles and myofascial release (Anatomy trains in Structure & Function 2017, Australia). Florence has a focus on providing nurturing, tailored treatments for her clients. Her specialty is deep relaxation massage while therapeutically working with her clients’ muscles, fascia to relieve pain and tension. Practitioner of the ancient Ayurveda principles in her own life, phytotherapy, and aromatherapy are choices often incorporated in her treatments.

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