Meredith Russell

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Heart of Ayurveda
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Adelaide, S. A.
South Australia
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Meredith Russell is a registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, graduating from Equals International with a  Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda and Cert. IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation. She is also a registered Yoga Teacher with a Diploma of Yoga Teaching Y.T.I.S.A. and Yoga Teaching certification from Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala, with over 30 years of experience as a yoga practitioner incorporating healthy lifestyle advice to restore health and wellbeing. Meredith’s academic background is in Creative Arts and Community Education; her Masters in Visual Art thesis investigated the use of Sacred Space in Classical Indian Dance and Art. She passionately combines the richness of these creative experiences in her consultations.


Meredith believes in a holistic, nurturing approach to healing by nourishing every aspect of the whole self, including diet, lifestyle, nutrition, yoga, meditation, visualization and creativity to suit individual needs. Ayurveda allows people to be personally responsible for their health and wellbeing, opening the door to complete wellness, creativity and balanced lifestyle by using a full range of healing modalities in one complete, integrated system. This involves an individual health assessment and advice, education and guidance on nutrition, diet and lifestyle. In this way Ayurveda can be life changing and transformative and has a lasting effect on body, mind and spirit, allowing each individual to live to their full potential. Meredith also facilitates small group workshops in Ayurveda and Yoga, giving individuals an opportunity to experience Ayurvedic Lifestyle, diet and cooking, Yoga practices, herb and spice energetics and creative expression first hand.

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