Membership Categories

Ayurvedic Professional Member

Individuals who have attained an adequate standard of education in Ayurvedic Medicine acceptable by the AAA and intend to practice Ayurvedic Medicine in an adequate clinical environment in their own right or in association with another Ayurvedic practitioner/s.

  • Ayurvedic Professional Member:  $145.00/year
  • Document Fees:  $40.00 (Once 0ff only)
  • Assessment Fees:  $40.00 (Once off only)
  • Total: $225
How to apply?
  • Download the application form and follow step by step guidelines. OR
  • Apply for Ayurveda Professional Membership Online
  • NOTE:Once you applied online please print the application form, fill and attach the necessary certified documentation (Proof of Qualification, Transcript, For BAMS (Overseas Qualifications): Final Degree Certificate along with mark list, Internship Certificate, First Aid Level 2 Certificate,  VETASSESS assessment (qualification only or immigration assessment) Good Standing Certificate, work permit or valid visa to work in Australia and Competent English Language Requirement – (IELTS or PTE).
  • Overseas BAMS/MD Graduates – 100 clinical hours worked in an established Ayurvedic Clinic in Australia, 5 case studies
  • Advanced Diploma In Ayurveda – 400 clinical hours worked in an established Ayurvedic Clinic within the 2 years of the course. Plus 100 clinical hours and 10 Case studies to be completed in an established Ayurvedic Clinic in Australia.
  • For 100 hr logbook call AAA or email

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Membership

Individuals who have successfully completed Certificate IV of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant as prescribed in the Australian Health Training Package  HLT07 at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or at an educational institution recognised by the AAA.

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant: $120.00/year
  • Document Fees:  $40.00 (Once 0ff only)
  • Assesment Fees:  $40.00 (Once off only)
  • Total: $200
How to apply?

Student Membership and Single Membership

Individuals who are studying Ayurvedic Medicine at an educational institution recognised by the AAA or are an apprentice in a professional Ayurvedic clinic.

  • Single & Student Member:  $35.00/year
How to apply?

Family Membership

Individuals or organisations who are interested in furthering the aims and objectives of the AAA.
  • Honorary Members
  • Life Members

General Membership:  $35.00/year

How to apply?
For additional information on the membership structure please contact the AAA by email: