AAA Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • I set a credible, honourable and ethical example for my profession as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.
  • I conduct my work with the highest integrity.
  • I honour the confidentiality of my clients.
  • I encourage clients to be self responsible in realising their own truth.
  • I honour my financial responsibilities by being fair and honest in all areas of my business.
  • I regard as imperative, the financial success, stability and growth of my business in alignment with this code of ethics.
  • To my client, I do not defame or criticise other models of medicine or healing.
  • I acknowledge the need to refer my clients to other professionals whenever necessary.
  • I continue to expand and update my skills in ayurvedic medicine.
  • I continue to explore my own self development through Ayurveda and other modalities.
  • I recognise the importance of my role as a professional Ayurvedic Practitioner and continue to promote the expansion of Ayurveda in the community.
  • I honour my personal commitment to my profession through compassion, caring,  my fellow beings and our world.
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