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EQUALS International / Aspects of Healing / Ayurveda Village
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EQUALS International / Aspects of Healing / Ayurveda Village
South Australia
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Dr Bosco Paul (BAMS, Dip RM, Cert. IV TAE) is an Indo-Australian, Ayurveda Doctor and Trainer now living in Adelaide. He has moved to Adelaide for promoting Ayurveda Practices in Modern Life in Australia. He has been training in Registered Training Organizations throughout his new life and making quality Ayurveda graduates in Australia. He is also a lifestyle consultant in Ayurvedic clinic and Panchakarma Specialist for Ayurveda retreats. He runs regular workshops on Management and Preventative aspects of Diseases in Adelaide. He has involved in creating the resource materials for Ayurveda Training program in Australia. He has past work experience as Medical Officer in Indian Systems of Medicine, in Kerala.


Dr Bosco Paul is a Kerala Born Ayurveda person. Kerala, southern state of India is considered as the Cradle of Ayurveda, where it grew up and spread the word all over the world. Dr Bosco is born in a middle class family which follows Ayurveda and single herb remedies in their daily life. Ashtanga Hridaya, Book of Vaghbata was referral book of their family. After informal training from family, Dr Bosco has joined university in Kerala for formal studies. He has completed Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from University of Calicut. During this time he has held leading positions in Academic and Sports activities. Chairmanship of House surgeons association, Ayurveda tours and medical camps for general public are few of them. He is awarded Ayurveda Acharya from his University. During the early three years of his practice, Dr Bosco has been working with Moss and Nambi families, AstaVaidya’s and other Vaidyas for learning their specialty knowledge and skills. He has completed Clinical Aspects of Hata Yoga from Gurus of Kerala during this time. Dr Bosco has worked with National research institute for Panchakarma during his training period and got vast experience in safe practice of Panchakarma in the modern world. He is holding professional membership with various national and international professional bodies for Ayurveda. Currently he is selected as Representative of Australasian Association of Ayurveda for South Australia. He is awarded Good Clinical Practice from AYUSH department. Dr Bosco explains that Ancient Practices in Modern world can help to prevent the diseases. Management and cure of diseases can be obtained by proper diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle practices. He explains that management of chronic health problems related to skin, liver, kidneys, hormones and body weight can be managed by Ayurveda treatments. His special practices include the treatment for neurological and digestive system diseases, male and female infertility, headache and pain, and psychological and emotional imbalances.

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