Sejal Shah

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Om Ayurveda
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9B Torside Street, Aveley, WA 6069
Western Australia
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OM Ayurveda is a Natural Health Care Center located in Aveley - just next door to beautiful Swan Valley of Perth, providing Ayurvedic Consultation, Treatments and Herbal Products.


The practitioner at OM Ayurveda strongly believes in the fundamental connection and balance between and Nature and Human. Ayurveda is not only famous to address health issues but also has a very unique preventative approach to one's health.The purpose of OM Ayurveda is to apply such wisdom to assess the person and provide unique lifestyle and dietary changes with the help of ancient herbs and treatments to achieve optimum health. The practitioner at OM Ayurveda has more then 10 years of sound experience in the field of Ayurveda and very passionate about her work. She has helped so many people who are looking for a better yet safer way to improve their health, where the medicine would not give you any side effects but you are sure to experience side benefits! Come and discuss your health issues today and learn how this holistic approach of a life can do a wonder in yourself too!

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