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Ayurveda For Wellness - Dr Vidhu's Wellness Mantra
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Ayurveda For Wellness is a health and wellness centre, located in Western Australia, which focuses primarily on disease prevention, health and wellbeing promotion, rejuvenation, maintaining a harmonious balance between Body, Mind and Spirit. The idea is to heal the Body using Mind and Spirit and restore wholeness and harmony. To achieve this, emphasis is laid on Diet and Lifestyle advise believing that “Prevention is better than cure”. In addition, the centre also provides complementary therapies like Reflexology for relaxation, Aromatherapy treatments with custom-made plant oil blends to suit individual needs, Hot stone therapy, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Beauty treatments, and much more. The science of Ayurveda, is a type of traditional or alternative therapy which relies mainly on non-intervention practises and is free from any chemical processes. Panchakarma and detox methods form an integral part of the clinic practice. Ayurveda For Wellness is run by a fully accredited, qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr Vidhu Sharma, Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Trainer and Assessor (Australian Government), Professional member AUSTRALASIAN ASSOCIATION OF AYURVEDA.


Dr Vidhu Sharma graduated from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. She studied, trained and practiced in India before moving overseas with a vision to spread the name of Ayurveda in the whole world so that human beings can benefit from the goodness of this esteemed science that dates back to thousands of years and is consolidated by immense literature in support of its principles. She has a unique approach to Health, Wellness and Beauty. Dr Vidhu incorporates the Ayurvedic principles to promote well-being and to use these ancient techniques to enhance beauty and provide symptomatic treatment. Her aim is to also spread the message about how we can incorporate the Ayurvedic theory into various areas of life- even cooking. The foundation of Ayurvedic nutrition is based on the idea that we are the result of what we eat, how it should be prepared to satisfy your senses based on your unique body-mind type. Her concept of promoting beauty naturally through Ayurvedic concepts make her a well-respected clinician and educationist in the society. Being a part of several free Health Camps in India, and also immense experience working in the Age Care Industry Overseas Dr Vidhu has used her experience and knowledge in providing treatment in regards to mental and physical relaxation, especially dealing with osteoarthritic conditions. Dr Vidhu also conducts several workshops spread over the year in order to promote Ayurveda and create a wave of general awareness in the local community informing them of the benefits that natural therapies offer, and how they can be a separate entity and/or a complement to the western therapies. She believes that soon there will be a natural drift in the society towards complementary and alternative therapies as more and more people are now aware of the toxic and harmful effects of chemicals and their potential hazard to health of all individuals. Dr Vidhu is also a well-established and respected Public Speaker on various Health and Wellness related events. There is not considerable improvement in any society without focus on education, as Education broadens the horizon of knowledge and scope of a potential revolution. Hence, consolidating this statement and being a passionate believer of Ayurveda, Dr Vidhu is a qualified Trainer and Assessor, who enjoys teaching and training students with a long-term goal to make more and more people in Australia and world -wide, aware of this holistic approach to beauty and health. She combines her two passions in life to get a satisfaction to work for the betterment of mankind.

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