Benefits of joining

The Australasian Association of Ayurveda Inc., established in 1988, is the nationally registered professional Ayurvedic Association committed to maintaining the highest standards and quality of service for Ayurvedic Professionals in Australia. It is the aim of the AAA to continue to uphold and increase the standing and recognition of Ayurvedic Profession within the community.

  • The AAA has members across Australia.
  • The AAA is governed by a Constitution and Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • The AAA membership fee is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, professional membership fees in the industry.
  • Members can attend and vote at the AAA annual general meetings and elect representatives.


  • AAA represents Ayurvedic professionals by working with government, educators, researchers, health funds and like-minded bodies.
  • AAA is listed in schedule one of the regulations of the Therapeutics Goods Act 1989.
  • AAA is recognized nationally by a number of health funds and is working hard to expand the number of health funds to recognize Ayurvedic consultation as a bona fide treatment.
  • AAA members are able to supply GST-free services in accordance with the GST Act – in particular Section 38-10 (1) (B) of the GST Act.


  • An individual password is provided to members for access to the member sections on the website.
  • Professional Members benefit from the website facility to enable the public to search for an AAA Professional Member by state, suburb, postcode or name.
  • Professional Members have their website address, included as a hot link, on the above search field.


AAA member’s information and email addresses on our data base are kept confidential and secure.


Members receive the following certificates for their initial registration and annual renewal:

  • Membership Certificate
  • Therapeutic Goods Advertising Certificate of Exemption


AAA publishes a quarterly newsletter for distribution to the general public and professional members around Australia. Content covers articles on a broad variety of Ayurvedic health topics, including contributions from eminent Ayurvedic scholars, teachers and researchers. In addition, articles on daily and seasonal routines, healthy recipes, event information and up-to-date developments and news on Ayurveda globally are presented.

  • Our Professional Members are encouraged to submit articles to claim CPE points.
  • Members can access back issues of newsletters.
  • Members receive regular updates on issues affecting the Ayurvedic profession in Australia.

CPE Program (Continuing Professional Education)

  • AAA places a strong emphasis on improving knowledge and skills.
  • A minimum of 20 hours of CPE is required per annum to maintain professional membership. The AAA strives to offer regular quality programs in order for their members to achieve these points annually.
  • In October 2013 in Adelaide, the AAA organized the highly successful 3 day event: ‘The First Australian National Ayurveda and Yoga Symposium’, presenting eminent national and international speakers to the general public and Professional Members. Professional members gained 25 CPE points for attendance. The AAA will endeavor to organize these national events biennially, to be held in Adelaide and other states of Australia.
  • Ayurvedic lectures are regularly arranged for the general public and professional members. Professional members attending these events can claim 4 or more CPE points.
  • The AAA Website has started an education facility online for Professional Members with a Log in, Pay per session facility to access the broadcast of video-taped and live-stream lectures by Ayurvedic experts in their field. CPE points can be claimed for each lecture.
  • Professional members who contribute to each published article in the AAA quarterly newsletter will gain CPE points.

Public Lectures

  • The AAA holds public lectures in Adelaide and interstate, conducted by highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors, on a variety of interesting and current subjects.
  • Prices may vary according to type of Event and location

Student Members

Concessions are offered to all Ayurvedic students attending AAA lectures, workshops and seminars.


Complimentary note pads and pens are given to new members when they first register. Additional note pads and pens can be ordered for members at very reasonable rates.